My treatments fall into three categories:

Luxury Organic Facials

Deeply relaxing and tailored to individual skin-types.

Luxury Body Treatments

The ultimate in full body pampering.

Luxury Holistic Treatments

Drawn from ancient wisdom and healing rituals across the world.


I have chosen Tropic and Neal’s Yard Remedies as my product ranges because the companies leads the way in ethical organic health and beauty. Both brands help to improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing their expertise and encouraging a more natural holistic way of health, beauty and wellbeing.


Every face is unique and so are the needs of every face. Choose from…

New Tropic Facials

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Face Lift Facial

This facial helps to brighten and refine your complexion. Using a tightening mask full of these hero ingredients:

– Tumeric offers anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which work wonders for blemish prone skin.

– Sea Buckthorn and Vitamin E help to plump and firm the skin.

– Agave Nectar high in amino acids to hydrate and nourish the skin.

What are the results? 

A firmer and more youthful looking complexion with more refined pores. 

60 minutes ….. £48.00

Deep Hydration Facial

This facial instantly hydrates and soothes irritated or dry skin. Using a creamy purple mask with a unique, yogurt like texture it cools the skin immediately.

-Wild Australian Riberries and Pepper Berries are specifically formulated to create a rich antioxidant brightening mask to help reduce free radical damage.

-Resurrection flower extract deeply hydrates and restores your skin’s vitality.

What are the results?

Soothed, calmed skin that is hydrated and soft.

60 minutes ….. £48.00

Clear Skin Facial

This facial helps control sebum levels and prevent breakout. Using a blemish fighting mask containing:

-Salicylic Acid and Ginger extract to kill blemish causing bacteria.

-Green Clay and Spirulina to draw out toxins and tighten pores.

-Bamboo Charcoal and Goji Berry extract to reduce redness and calm the skin.

What are the results?

A clear balanced complexion.

60 minutes ….. £48.00

Neal’s Yard Facials

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Award-Winning Anti-Ageing Frankincense Facial

This facial helps to intensely nourish, firm and tone the skin, smoothing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

-Rejuvenating Frankincense, a hero essential oil worth treasuring, giving all skin types a hydrating boost and also contains a blend of restful Mandarin and relaxing Bergamot.

What are the results?

Boost skin’s plumpness and increases skin’s radiance.

60 minutes ….. £48.00

Nourishing Orange Flower Facial

This facial is especially beneficial for dry skin to help protect against premature ageing. Orange flower helps to restore the skin’s natural balance leaving it feeling beautifully soft and supple.

-Uplifting Orange Flower Oil is distilled by Neal’s Yard from the blossom of a Seville Orange tree at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

What are the results?

Deeply nourishes and replenishes the skin.

60 minutes ….. £48.00

Pure Radiance and Rehydrating Rose Facial

Dehydration can happen to all skin types at any time. This intensely hydrating facial targets fine dehydration lines, nourishing, smoothing and plumping while renewing the skin’s natural radiant glow.

-Rose water effectively soothes and cools the skin leaving it instantly refreshed.

-Damask Rose will help maintain a beautifully fresh complexion and reduce any redness.

What are the results?

To flood the skin with hydration for a dewy youthful bounce.

60 minutes ….. £48.00

Luxury Body Treatments

Feel invigorated, calmed and toned with an indulgent all-over organic body treatment. Choose from…

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Invigorating Lime, Bergamot and Grapefruit Body Boost

This uplifting full body treatment begins with a purifying aromatherapy infused Dead Sea Salt body scrub followed by an energising massage for total head-to-toe invigoration.

120 minutes ….. £75.00

Calming Geranium and Orange Body Harmony

Feel soothed and relaxed with the combination of skin-nurturing exfoliation and tension releasing full body massage infused with balancing aromatherapy oils to leave you feeling soothed and blissfully calmed. 

120 minutes ….. £75.00

Tropic Logo 2

Whipped Frangipani and Vanilla Body Velvet

This exotic Eastern body treatment will remove dead skin cells and polish the skin, whilst the rich, indulgent Frangipani oil will soothe the senses. Finishing with a fluffy rich, creamy Vanilla body butter that melts into the skin for long lasting nourishment. 

120 minutes ….. £75.00

Luxury Holistic Treatments

Feel the tensions and worries of the day simply fall away with these deeply relaxing holistic treatments. Choose from…

Full Body Massage

Ease tension instantly with this deeply soothing full body massage, using a concentration of Neal’s Yard Remedies essential oils.  A truly blissful experience.

60 minutes ….. £45.00
90 minutes ….. £55.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Alleviate stress and tired aching muscles using various massage techniques to create the perfect treatment for your specific needs.

30 minutes ….. £30.00
60 minutes ….. £40.00

Fire Cupping Back Massage

Fire cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine where a therapist applies glass cups to the area being treated to create a strong suction. This suction provided by cupping can loosen muscles and encourage blood flow. It is a type of deep tissue massage excellent for relieving back and neck pains and stiff muscles.

60 minutes ….. £40.00

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage can be of enormous benefit not only to the mother but also to the unborn baby. Massage during pregnancy can be a magical experience, it emotionally and physiologically supports a woman during a time when her body is undergoing many changes and can help prepare her body for birth. There is ample evidence which supports the tremendous benefits of Pregnancy Massage. It can help alleviate aches and pains and other common health problems associated with pregnancy. Preparing for the arrival of a new baby brings much excitement, but also plenty of stress, massage can help to reduce stress levels due to its calming effect. Furthermore, research shows that the baby can benefit greatly from massage as ‘feel good’ endorphins are released by the mother during massage and are passed onto the baby.

60 minutes ….. £45.00
90 minutes ….. £55.00

Lava Shells Massage

Discover for yourself the benefits of Lava Shell Massage, the hottest new eco treatment to reach our shores. A seamless massage of heat and touch, this stress busting treatment promotes deep relaxation. They feel as beautiful as they look.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, 45 minutes ….. £40.00
Full Body Massage, 75 minutes ….. £60.00

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage works on the belief that ailments are caused by blockages in the energy flow around the body. Massage helps clear blockages, returning the body to a state of health. It is particularly effective for those suffering from stress, tension headaches, sinusitis, ear problems, insomnia, hairloss, muscular tension and fatigue.

45 minutes ….. £40.00

Hopi Ear Candles

A traditional healing technique of the Native American Hopi Indians.  This is an effective non-invasive means of treating a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions.  As the candles burn, they create a vapour infused with essential oils.  The candle creates a chimney effect drawing away the vapour and impurities from the ear, boosting the immune system and helping to regulate the pressure within the sinuses.

45 minutes ….. £30.00


Reflexology is an ancient Eastern healing tradition that works on the principle that specific areas of the feet (reflex points) correspond to different areas of your body.  A reflexology treatment uses pressure massage in the corresponding organs, glands and structures.  This helps to release areas of tension and encourages energy to flow more freely throughout the body.

60 minutes ….. £40.00

Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is a massage of the feet and also lower legs. Thai foot massage is both invigorating and deeply relaxing and involves hands on massage, stretching and acupressure to stimulate reflex points. It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology and Chinese massage incorporated into the treatment.

60 minutes ….. £40.00


Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique using spiritual energy channelled through a Reiki Practitioner into a client during a reiki treatment. However, it is much more than a physical therapy, it is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the body, mind and emotions.

60 minutes ….. £40.00

Colon Massage Treatment

The first thing to understand about the colon is that it is our main organ of elimination. If the colon stops working properly, the body starts to re-absorb toxins. Poor colon health can cause anything from low energy, irritation and bad breath to chronic low back pain and weakened immunity. By simply having gentle regular colon massage, the abdominal muscles will be stimulated restoring natural energy and vitality.

60 minutes ….. £40.00

New Add On Treatment – Paraffin Hand Wax

Paraffin wax is a luxurious treatment to soften and moisturise the skin. It opens the pores, increases circulation and promotes a sense of calm for any client. Extremely effective for Arthritis, Tendonitis, Scar Tissue, Inflammation and Eczema/Psoriasis.